Life Changing and Life Saving – Prakram Bir Rana

Life Changing and Life Saving When I first came to Oman house for this workshop. I felt it will be boring and was not even interested, I thought this for today only but it wasn't. After I took Sir Gautam and Sir Pushkar teaching seriously, I found it good and very  interesting. One day I thought to myself that atleast one sir should know my name, I had to earn it. This motivated me, and in this process the technique i learnt, made me believe in myself, and the target was completed. And personally this workshop was Life changing…


The STRIKE Experience – DEFEND – By Kripa churiwala

My Experience from the STRIKE program. From the day one , I already felt the feeling of unity, togetherness and friendly competition among my fellow mates. This fourteen day session has helped me improve a lot, that too in a very positive way. I really appreciate the idea of grouping us all between three teams :- Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The groups bonded us together and brought competition among us in a healthy way. I belonged to Alpha or (supernovas )on which was the alternate name for our group  - The fourteen girls (my classmates) made a pretty good…


Feedback DEFEND Program – by Khushi Jain

My experience with Strike program is very good.I am mentally and physically the feeling Very Confident and strong and now I am like I am ready for walking alone on the Streets without getting Scared of attackers as Divya Ma'am's t-shirt says "Touch me and your first lesson is free". So now attackers be ready for your first free lesson. The nature of all instructors - Divya ma'am / Savita ma'am was very nice, they were So So Sweet. At the starting. I thought it is just Karate or boxing I thought it will be so boring, but my…


About STRIKE – By Avika Singh

Every person has a dream, a dream to lead a life without any harm and in peace. However, the harsh reality is a pill hard to swallow. Our yearnings are far from the actual truth. We live in a world where it is completely unsafe to let our children wander in the streets by twilight. We live in a milieu where we constantly worry about the safety of our mothers, sisters and daughters. In times like these, our homes, our cities, which are supposed to shelter us are becoming menacing, Self Defense is the dire need of the hour. (more…)


Ignite Foundation – By Durga PS

We read newspapers every day, expecting to catch up on the current affairs and gain knowledge but unfortunately, we see numerous negative stories and articles, simply based on violence against females; from little girls to elderly women. The grief that dawns upon us on getting to know about these heart-less and devastating things occurring in our own vicinity, we find it highly crucial for women to know a way to protect themselves. Although people are aware of mis-happenings, they don’t give a second thought about any way to protect themselves.


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