"A Movement Like Dandi march was required to achieve Freedom,
A Movement will be required to achieve Country Empowerment"

Empowering Country – Serving the country made us realize that to empower our country we need to empower the citizens. This will enable the people irrespective of gender, age, culture to “Stand up for Themselves” and to express their interest in a responsible and determined way. 

Everyone deserves a free life and thus we thought of how we can achieve that. After a detailed research it was found that one of most effective tool to make everyone a self dependent, confident, gender neutral, positive thinking individual is  SELF DEFENSE.  

Hence we also say that it is a  #1 LIFE SKILL in today’s scenario.

With this in mind we started our research on the best of form of self defense, and thus after 9 years of research STRIKE was formed. With one key objective to “Remove every single barrier that stands between human beings and their right to live freely and confidently“.

Self Defense Experts , Psychologists,  Fitness Experts, Educationists, from around the world were discussed on the outcomes of research & every scenarios  related to self Defense.

Keeping in mind the age groups, profession, their issues, threats and objectives – STRIKE programs were developed. Three different programs for three different objectives – DEFEND for Schools/Institutes. DETER for Corporates, Working women, Elderly and finally DECIMATE for the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies.

We have battle-tested STRIKE programs  for years before launching them Pan India. The techniques are all scientific, easy to learn & execute yet very effective. 

We aim to transform our Country by build a healthy, confident, responsible, empowered community. We are very excited about it and wish everyone to be excited. This is just the beginning of a long journey, we are running a marathon and a Sprint.


For a country to be strong, we need empowered citizens. Citizens to live, walk, talk freely. Constitution gave us fundamental rights, but some people are not letting us exercise them. We all know the crimes statistics, negativity, discrimination, inequality mistrust and lowering of values around us.

STRIKE is all about positivity, equality, empowerment, happiness, joy and love and that is why we have purposely not written any negatives or displayed crime statistics on our website.

The Challenge is to remove inequality, discrimination, gender stereotyping, crime, negativity and make our society a powerful, decision making, positive, equal, empowered, happy and healthy society.

This challenge STRIKE has proudly accepted. To achieve the challenge, we follow the 6’i’s guiding principles.


To instill Confidence to fight against crime and empower lives by providing people with the tools, knowledge and skills, they need to protect themselves and their loved ones. We seek to dismiss fear by battle-tested techniques and scientifically designed program which encourage every individual to be Their Own Bodyguard

Our Guiding Principles
6 “i”s
Innovate Integrate Inspire Indigenous  Immaculate Impeccable

Nation Empowerment would require everyone, everyone to be powerful. Taking control of Yourself or simply “Stand up for yourself”.


Innovation is “what is now proved once it was only imagined.” We imagined to create a full proof self defense system and worked 12 years tirelessly to sculpt STRIKE to today. We commit to innovate further by adding new ideas , new situations and freshness to make it ever evolving system.


Is the key to mind. We thrive to integrate happiness, confidence, technique, education, knowledge and skill so becomes a second nature to you


Nation Building is only possible when whatever is create is for the nation, from the nation, by the nation. We deliver International Standard Programs Made in India. Hence our 4th value “ Make In India”.


We are inspired by nature, dynamics of mind, body and soul. We Inspire by delivering happiness and confidence as a byproduct of services. Inspiring Lives is our motto and our value too, Inspiring you, Inspires Us.


One should be known by its highest standards, so is every member of Strike. All values stand on the foundation of standard. Being Impeccable or being at highest standards is our core value.


By Meaning itself immaculate Pure, Spotless. So is our intention and our Self Defense System. We work immaculately and its our best value. Wonder of one is immaculate it can be anything it want to be without the state of confused. Strike is defined by immaculate.

Commitment to Build Confidence in the Citizens of the Country


With the above Guiding Principles and the mission our objective, we designed the three program to achieve a different set of audience. 




The Program trains students in battle tested self defense techniques that help overcome real life threats such as molestation, rape, bullying, kidnapping, eve teasing, and prepares them for Life. DEFEND is specially designed Self Defense program for School and Institute students.




The Program trains employees to prepare for unexpected situations and to develop increased mental and physical health while performing your corporate duties and having best of your life. Traveling Solo, Night Shifts, Constant Fear? DETER is the ANSWER..




The Program is a customized program on urban warfare, room interventions, counter insurgency etc. DECIMATE a unique unarmed Self-Defense and Combat program specially designed for Indian Law Enforcement and Special Military Operations Contexts.

STRIKE Program Objectives
6 “i”s

Nothing is more important than achieving the program objectives. We @STRIKE are working endlessly to achieve our goals. As we have said earlier we are not running a psrint, we are runnning a marathon to bring the change in the society. 


The human evolution is based on “I”, hence we believe I is the most important. “I am” is your definition to the world, “I am” is the Reality. We believe in empowering the “i am”. “i am” is very powerful and creative. “I am” just needs to awakened. STRIKE is committed to awaken the “I am” in you. An empowered “I am” will empower the nation.


The purpose of life is to evolve and become better a human being. Evolving from “I am” to “I can”. “I can” is a mindset and Mindset influences everything you see, as well as everything you do.” Capability of out performing oneself. We also call it Excellence. Believing in yourself, your ability, your attitude and setting up Meaningful Life Goals. STRIKE’s endeavor is to bring this change from “I am” to “I can” Confidence, in our opinion, is extremely crucial when it comes to the safety of an individual. It is common for individuals to experience fear while faced with dangerous situations, which hinders their ability to act wisely. Therefore, training individuals and giving them first-hand experiences of protecting and defending themselves against exploitation creates a shield of self-confidence, which allows them to discourage an attack before it is full-fledged. This confidence, if engrained in the youth of our country, would aid substantial decrease in violent attacks and their victims


“I Can” is Mindset, the next evolution is “I EXPRESS”. By “I EXPRESS” we mean “to express yourself”. Do not let others define you, Be your own Definition. Its time to act - Express your Mindset, Your Goals, Your Attitude, Your Beliefs, Your Values or Simply “Express Yourself”. Set the tone, light up the room with your Smile. Talk to others. Be Present. Be Yourself. STRIKE will ensure that everyone can create their own identity. Communication is a common cementing agent between two individuals or a group or any community. Happiness, sorrows or ideas are emotions longing to be shared with someone and the best medium is through communication. The mode of communication can be through dialogues, actions or any other means created by the human mind per se. Any relationship be it professional or personal requires a two-way communication for the bonding to be healthy.


STRIKE os all about Passion, Passion for Empowerment, Positivity, Smile, Happiness and Powerful Community. We believe Passion keeps you focused, enables you set higher Meaningful Goals. We’re running a marathon, not a sprint, A Marathon to achieve the vision we have set. Its a long run but we need to be passionate to achieve it. We want to embed the same passion in every individual so that they achieve their Goals.


Self-reliance is the quality in humans that keeps us free from the control and exploitation of others. Self defense allows an individual to stand up and defend themselves in dire situations, without depending on someone else. It obliterates the need or assistance of a third person and creates a sense of self-reliance, giving birth to a free, independent youth. It obliterates the need or assistance of a third person and creates a sense of self-reliance, giving birth to a free, independent youth.


There is lot of negativity being spread around, its time to change it. Its time to be positive. There is a difference between just smiling and smiling as a function of happiness. We say smile with your entire bodies and with all the energy around you, you are bound to radiate positivity. When you are emitting such positivity, Life is a journey full of joy and Happiness. STRIKE core objective is a community with such positivity. For centuries the humanity race has thrived on appreciation of any good work or deeds. Appreciation creates a motivational guide in the development of one’s personal or professional field and thus producing the desired goals or ambitions in life.


Nothing is possible without a focused motivated team. STRIKE USP is its Team, together we are crossing one milestone after another, & we don’t plan to stop here. As the famous poet Robert Frost said “But I have promises to keep, & miles to go before I sleep, & miles to go before I sleep” 


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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." STRIKE Team consists experts from Fighting systems, Martial arts, Army, Special Forces , Fitness, Psychology and Education.


SPEFL certified Indigenous program under Skill India, flagship of NSDC. We featured on Tata Sky, Disney Hotstar, Fight Back Series on Delhi Aaj Tak & National Aaj Tak news Channel.


Scientifically Designed Training. Professional Assessment. 1:25 Instructor/ Student Ratio. Specialized Instructor teams for Army, Corporate and Schools. We STRIKE, commit optimum professionalism and Ethics,


Internationally Certified Self Defense Instructors with rich training experience. 50:50 Male Female Instructor ratio, POSH, POCSO & First Aid Certified.


This program is an Essence of 12 years of extensive research on psychological & attitudinal effects of learning self defense and behavioral impacts like physical, mental incompetence & avoidance in absence of training.


Special unit of Indian Armed forces, Top Corporates like Dupont, Oil India. Prestigious Schools like Auckland House Shimla, Pathways Gurgaon, Modern School VV, New Delhi. Underprivileged Kids and women through NGOs and CSR.