Vishvesh, a student at Auckland House School, Shimla undergoing STRIKE Self Defense Training

Student Diary – Vishvesh

Basically, the meaning of scheduled defense is the act of defending yourself from any condition. “Life is the hardest teacher, it gives the test first and the lesson afterwards.” So, just preparing yourself before any test would be a better part of life. Though life is a continuous process of learning, so we must learn new things being a part of our life.

Self defense plays a vital role in our lives. We can face any situation of being attacked by someone, so, just to defend and protect ourselves from strangers Self defense is important. Because the basic technique of self defense can save our precious life. Actually, not only for ourselves only but for protecting others also it is very crucial. Also to show the girl power that they are not weaker than anyone. Learning self defense is a great thing and that makes us brave and strong.

One best thing about our sessions of self defense says that it not only focuses on teaching the techniques but also helps us to increase our stamina.

Thank you so much “Strike Team” for helping us and converting us from Auckyite to Auckyite Strikers.

XI – C Auckland House School

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