Self Defense Technique against Choke - Students learning at Auckland House School, Shimla by STRIKE

Student Diary – Rhythm Malik

Self Defense is the act of protecting ourselves from any harm. One can protect others too. It is important to learn self defence,  especially in this era, for both girls as well as for boys. This would help them to believe and shape them as a confident person.

The classes given by TEAM STRIKE, which I am attending, has transformed me. I was Rhythm before, but now I have become a KING R.D!!  Earlier the FAITH, which I had in myself was not up to the mark but the #Strike made the faith, more #Boommm!!. The trust has gone up to the Peak that I can Knock down the strongest person #Hercules.

Thanks for all the hard work which you did for us thank you so much for building up my NEW ATTITUDE. I AM THE NEW KING. 

Rhythm Malik (KING R.D.)


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