Attacks occur without warning, and when individuals least expect it. In India, these attacks are all the more common. The incidences against children and women are rising at an alarming rate. While this is a scary fact, Safety has become a question mark. We must protect ourselves, defend ourselves and should also be capable to defend our loved ones.

STRIKE is a self defense programme. STRIKE is based on best of self defense techniques from various Martial arts including Kali, Krav Maga, Silat, Wing Chun etc. Unlike Judo, Karate, Taekwondo etc STRIKE training is not intended for sport, but is pure Self Defense. Self Defense is a #1 LIFE SKILL today.

STRIKE combines the best of all martial arts, street fighting and Self Defense system. STRIKE relies on simple, instinctive body movements rather than rigid techniques requiring years of training. It is easy to learn and retain, can be performed naturally & intuitively and as a result, men, women, kids are currently moving in to use these Self Defense techniques.

Our team have experts from Army, Corporates and Education Domain. Hence the curriculum has been designed after years of research to meet the exact requirement of the changing society.


Children are vulnerable to various types of crimes, including bullying, different types of assault, kidnapping situations, etc. DEFEND@STRIKE – A specially designed Self Defense Program for school and college going children. Children are taught set of self defense techniques that helps them to defend against real life threats such as bullying, kidnapping, choking, grabbing, molestation, rape, murder etc.


In a contrast, today we live in a society where everyone leads independent lives. As a sociological impact, the only government body left to protect our perpetually increasing population, is the police force. As the Police force cannot be everywhere, every time the onus of the personal protection lies with us. DETER@STRIKE is a combat readiness for all men and women and of all age groups.


STRIKE Military and Law Enforcement education and training programs for all sectors of the Military, Central Armed Police Force and State Police are designed to create an integrated fighter who will function appropriately under the most stressful conditions – using the most effective techniques and tactics with determination and situation-appropriate aggressiveness.


"Teachers and Students who came all the way from Germany on Student Exchange program, were extremely happy with the hour long session on Strike Self Defense workshop. The feedback that they gave that they found it very practical and enlightening and will take the memories back to Germany"
Ms Ruchika Sharma
Pragyan School, Greater Noida
"The Steps covered today were very logical and were technique oriented , it was very helpful and hands on. The simple techniques were ver helpful and of course instrumental in increasing my Self Confidence."
Nazia Ansari
Pathways School, Gurgaon
"Thank you for the wonderful Self Defense training in Pragyan School. The Students from Germany are really happy to learn the simple and effective techiniques. Will continue this training even after going back to Germany, it very important to defend ourselves."
Ms. Ute
Faculty - Germany (Exchange Program)
Pragyan School, Greater Noida
"These are simple techniques , they are much different from karate and other things, I can handle situation better than earlier. The techniques are for all age groups."
Mrs N Ratna
DGM (Pers)
"I study in Auckland House School where we are been taught Self Defense by STRIKE Team. The team is good and nice which makes more interested in learning all the techniques that they teach us. Some people still think that Self Defense is the Karate, Judo or any other martial art, but it’s a totally different from all of them above, it is not about power but the technique."
Mahi Khadgawat
Student - Auckland House
"After going to the STRIKE self defense program I become more confident and even if someone is trying to attack me I know I Can fight back now. I become more fit and it makes me more happy. I learnt so much from this program and if any one comes and try to kidnap me I know I Can fight back and use all the technique taught by STRIKE Team. I guarantee you, you will not regret going to this class and it will help you in your every day life."
Student - Auckland House
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